Mobile design for 1our

Design considerations

Here’s some preliminary designs that Irvin and I came up with for 1our, a platform for volunteers, businesses and causes to show appreciation through time credits:

Some UI decisions were:

  • Not using hamburger menus ( After this article about avoiding hamburger menus )
  • Guidelines for organising layout, for eg: how many buttons on the bottom bar ( we went for three ) Material design has some neat and specific guidelines
  • A question: Would the app not be simple enough for users (businesses/ volunteers) to get onboard? ( How to reduce the number of steps for businesses/ volunteers to redeem time credits - Would QR codes be a good idea? )

Ideas on users:

  • Who the main target audience would be? ( Volunteers who could use a bit of incentive, charities who need volunteers, businesses interested in supporting causes )
  • We were familiar at least with volunteering, but engaging business could be an issue
  • Would there be too many stakeholders? There’s that famous advice about doing things that don’t scale