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1our is a platform for NUS students maximize their time in school, and get paid for it. We do this by bringing them fun and interesting projects, studies as well as experiments that they can be part of. 1our also wants to help NUS student researchers and professors succeed in whatever they are doing, be it a study on decision-making behavior or an experiment pushing the frontiers of science.

Stack: React, Webpack, PostgreSQL


  • NUS OPENID login
  • Time slots for each ad-hoc jobs
  • Tracking of money earned through platform
  • Listing of adhoc jobs by category with sorting and filtering

Drop Ins


Realtime chat application where you can drop emoticon pins on a pokémon GO themed map, supporting videos and soundcloud links. Got above average for this but I thought we could have polished it a bit more if we had more time. Uses facebook login.

Stack: React (using Create-React-App boilerplate), MySQL


  • Real time updates of ‘drops’, votes, comments using
  • 3D Vector Map view using Mapbox GL
  • Offline caching with sw-* packages


github repo demo video

Sharing freebies on a real time map
Orbital 2016 project with SoC student Irvin Lim

Stack: ReactJS, MeteorJS, MongoDB

Exchange Buddy


Web application for started by Eugene to connect people going for exchange programs. Parts of Facebook API used: facebook login, facebook events API. We received the highest ‘coolness’ factor points but we got about average overall mainly due to our report being rushed, and thus not answering some of the questions properly.

Stack: React, MeteorJS (for real-time pub-sub), MySQL


  • Grouping exchange students by their exchange batch
  • Real-time chat for exchange group
  • Events lookup (using facebook and API)
  • Collaborative editing of tips

Loklak walls

github repo

Social media wall for loklak (distributed scraper) based on
Google Summer Of Code 2016 project with FOSSASIA

Stack: MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS 1, NodeJs)

Features Contributions:

  • Integrated MongoDB to replace java(loklak_server) backend
  • Social account linking w/ Passport.js
  • Manual moderation w/
  • Statistics for tweets w/ D3.js
  • Announcement feature w/
  • Image Support w/ Cloudinary


github repo

Chat & map web application for shopping deals
HacknRoll 2016 submission

Stack: MeteorJS, MongoDB